Thursday, 10. December 2015


Yesterday in the evening I updated the client-api's, because Wolfgang told us to do so... Updating the api's was easy. But then I started a first test with the new track dubai and had to realize that our track recognition doesn't work with that track :-/

So I have to work on that one again :-/

Track recognition again...

It's a tricky one this dubai track, because it has a lot of sub-patterns which repeat very often. That caused that our track recognizer always matched these smaller patterns, but not the correct track pattern.


We improved the whole logic a little. After we matched one of these smaller patterns, we start driving based on that pattern. Of course after a short time, the driving actors comes into problems. He loses the position very often. Of cource, because the pattern is not correct.

There is also one single left curve in the track, which isn't contained by that short patterns.

So we added an improvement. We have to start the whole process of track recognition again, if we detect these problems while driving. But we have to remember the failed patterns! If we start again we have ignore the already failed patterns.

These changes did the trick to get dubai working:

  • start track recognition again, if the pattern produces too much problems while driving
    • start again, if there is a LEFT- or RIGHT- part detected which is not in the pattern
    • start again, if we lost the position very often in a short time
  • store already failed patterns
  • ignore failed patterns in the next track recognition round


That's it. It works with dubai too... We hope that our solution is stable now. Also in the final :-)