Sunday, 18. October 2015


Last week we found out about the track. We were able to recognize the track, and find a pattern which describes it. Next step was detecting the best match from within all the possible matches, and later we have to find our current position in the track.

Track Recognizer enhanced

Until now, we could recognize the track based on the "RIGHT, LEFT, STRAIGHT" idea. That works really good, but we need to know exactly (or as exact as possible) which of our patterns is the best. So we extended the Track Recognizer in order to compare the given round time with the added time of all our track parts. If this difference is smaller than a threshold, we have a best match. After some tests...

Track Recognizer - Match best pattern

One step forward, the next challenge is waiting for us.

Position Detection

In fact we have a lot of things already: track, track parts, round time... but still we don't know where we are. And if you don't know where you are, good driving seems very unlikely. We need to know where we are, we need to know our current position in the track. After several ideas, discussions and a lot of m&m's, we developed a new actor, the PositionCalculatorActor, which is able to say us where are we. Of course, all of this after the track recognition. You can see it in our beautiful shell output:

Position detection - Where are I?

What you see is the current position of the car in our track model. The yellow mark indicates in which part of the track is the car in real time. You see that the mark moves along the pattern, and it continues moving along when the pattern begins again. This means, that the car completed a lap and starts a new one. What's next? We need to start driving, and test how is the behaviour of the PositionCalculator when the speeds increases. Our first guess is that the calculator will get lost, but let's see.

Here you can wath all this (sorry for the low quality). First, we recognize the track (LEFT, RIGHT...), then we look for pattern matches, then we look for the best match, and finally we find our position.

Position detection video

Thats all, folks...